Please message saying how much it moved you

I know you're not the person who left the comment, but I need to get this off my chest. A little over a year ago my fiancee committed suicide. I found him in his room-being just 19 years old at the time and 5 months pregnant with his son. Not a day goes by when I don't miss him and think of how great of a father he would've been. But at the same time, I HURT. I hurt CONSTANTLY. Suicide destroys lives and changes people forever. And that comment couldn't have been more perfect.


I would like to thank you so much. You saved my life. I love you


that comment was so powerful. one of my bestfriends recently committed suicide and every time i think of that moment i found out, i tear up. my heart starts to wilt, my body shakes. and i start to cry. it was so hard, and i can't believe the bullshit romanticism that some tumblr users spout out just to wear the facade of beauty. fuck them! suicde isn't beautiful, it's sad and it hurts. even though you aren't the original source, it was still very brave, wise and awesome of you to post that. :)


recently I've suffered with anxiety and bulimia and I've been thinking that maybe things would just resolve themselves if I killed myself, but after reading that post, tears were brought to my eyes. I could picture everyone I hold dearest to me grieving and asking themselves what they could have done. It was powerful enough to inspire me to power through and find the light at the end of the tunnel. thank you to the writer of that.. you really saved me.


Tonight i've read your comment about suicide and it made my heart feel better. I thought about suicide a lot. I even tried to kill myself before. But somehow a little your comment changed me. I love you. You helped me. Thank you! <3


You are going to be okay. I promise.


I know you are not the original owner of the url but if the person does come back tell them I said thanks. I showed that comment to my friend who wanted to commit suicide and she just hugged me saying thanks because it changed her mind about it. I cry everytime i read that comment because I know that the person truly meant it. and they deserve to be awarded because im sure that so many people's lives changed after reading that. so thanks for holding on to the url for them.


This morning in church, i almost cried, because after almost a year of feeling better, i thought of killing myself again. I cried when i got home and all the memories came back, the planning, the good-byes, the trying. (i've tried twice) and i realized i didn't want to go down that path again, but i just can't stop it. I was seriously considering taking my own life again, but that comment gave me a little hope to go on and i just wanted to say thank you


I don't think i'll ever be able to say that I want to kill myself without bursting into tears and apologizing to my best friend and taking it back over and over again. Thank you so much.


i cannot begin to describe how much this resonated with me. thank you