Please message saying how much it moved you

I haven't been suicidal or depressed but I just still want to leave you a message to tell you how truly thankful and emotional I am for your words. Thank you so much.


I love you thank you for a single post at my lowest point you managed to pull me out by opening my eyes to the good within people please promise me that if you need help let us return the favor


I want to thank you so much, honestly. I have attempted suicide on several occasions, and last night, I was sure I was going to end everything. I told my online friend, and she sent me the post, and it saved me. I'm not exactly sure if I want to be saved as of right now, but thanks to you- and my friend, I have lived another day. Thank you.


I can't even tell you how grateful I am for that post. It saved my life. My boyfriends life. My brothers life. And it just got shown to a girl who I'm praying it'll save her life. Thank you so so so much. I can't even explain how thankful I am.


Thank you so much... while I may not have needed this post to save me, I know there are countless others who did. Thank you for caring enough to put this out there. You're saving lives. You saved my best friend. Thank you.


You're a beautiful person for writing that


saw the suicide post and it saved my friend tonight. im sorry about your sister. i hope shes okay :(


hey. i've been thinking about suicide for a while, so i was just thinking "i'll look around tumblr for the last time. just one last time." so i stumble across your little note you you've gotten from that other person, i want to thank you so much. i want to thank the person who wrote that. and for you to making it more known. it's saved me. i cant thank you or the original writer enough. it's been tough this year, and i wanted to end it all, until i saw this - it's made me re-think everything.♥


Hi, I'm the sister that comment talks about. And the ex girlfriend, and the best friend. It's odd being so many things in one comment that did so much. Today is the anniversary, and I just wanted to tell everyone on this blog to stay strong. Make plans for your futures, for roommates and significant others, for owning a dog or cat and what color you want your house to be. Make them and write them down and every time you feel weak look at 'em. That future is yours, get to it. Live. Love. Exist.


I've read the post so many times and it makes me cry every single time. I have never been suicidal but it is so powerful anyway and really makes you think about how you affect the people around you all the time...just wanted to say thanks so much :)